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kitten contract

Kitten Sales Contract

Orlenda Siberian kittens are sold under the conditions below.    Contracts will include your name, address and the information for the siberian kitten you are purchasing including the Dam and Sire’s name as well as their TICA  registration.

The price of reserving your kitten is £100, if previously reserved pre-birth (a cost of £25)your reservation deposit will be a further £75 at birth.

Please note:  We reserve the right to refuse a sale to anyone.  If we feel the need to execute that right after a kitten was already reserved, we will refund the kitten deposit fee of £100.

Conditions including Health Guarantee

  1. Breeder guarantees the kitten will be vaccinated at approximately eight weeks and again at approximately eleven weeks.  In addition, the kitten will have preventative deworming and flea treatment, 5 gen pedigree and 4weeks free insurance.  All vet care will be provided by rufford vet, rufford.    Breeder guarantees the siberian  kitten to be in excellent health at time of delivery.  Breeder warrants the cattery is free  of infections, internal and external parasites, ear mites, fleas, herpes, and ringworm (these are not hereditary/genetic).

  2. Breeder will provide litter registration papers upon letter of neutering from your vet.

  3. Buyer accepts responsibility for the care and the welfare of the kitten/cat for the lifetime of the animal.  Buyer agrees never to declaw the kitten/cat and understands that this will void the one year health guarantee.  This kitten will never be placed in an animal shelter or sold to any pet store, animal shelter or research facility.  If Orlenda Siberians is unable to accept kitten/cat back, we will help you find a new home for your kitten/cat at Buyers expense if applicable.

  4. If a veterinary exam finds a major health problem within three business days after delivery, Breeder will exchange kitten at no extra cost. Buyer shall provide and pay for safe return of kitten accompanies by a Health Certificate.  Veterinary records must be provided and Buyer must contact Seller in advance.

  5. Should kitten die from or be diagnosed and with a serious congenital or hereditary disorder in the first  year of life, then Breeder shall choose to replace the kitten on production of autopsy report.

  6. Regardless of whether Breeder has provided allergen levels for the Sire or Dam, Breeder provides no guarantee of hypoallergenic qualities of Kitten.  If you are allergic, kitten may be returned to Orlenda Siberians within the first 72 hours at your expense including cost of health certificate (required to return).  We will list the kitten on our Available Kitten page with the price listed and place the kitten with another home.  Upon receipt of payment from the new buyer, funds will be refunded.  Please note:  If the kitten is returned in poor health and requires vet care, the cost will be deducted from the funds you are to receive.  If the kitten is returned beyond 72 hours cost of refund will be discussed as the above will not apply.

Should buyer fail to make final payment or cancel this agreement prior to the scheduled delivery of the kitten; Breeder reserves the right to sell the kitten to another party and retain original deposits up to £100 as a cancellation fee.  Any additional deposit/funds received above will be refunded when the kitten is sold.

We accept cash,personal checks and bank payment, however, if your payment is returned insufficient funds you will have 24 hours to replace the funds plus any additional fees incurred by us or your kitten will be made available and any deposits up to £100 will not be refunded.  We do not accept paypal.


The Buyer’s signature indicates that the Buyer has reviewed and discussed this contract with the Breeder prior to receiving said kitten/cat, and is in a full agreement and approval of the above terms and conditions

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